Eagle's Store Soda Fountain

Soda fountains were a common sighting in drugstores during the late 1880's and for most of the 20th century. As Eagle's Store expanded its services over the years to include groceries, hardware, dry goods, curios and drugs, the addition of a new "soda fountain outfit" was a logical business venture for the Eagle family. Some family records have uncovered that our soda fountain was purchased for $1,391.80 in 1910 (more than $30,000 in today's dollars!) from Liquid Carbonic Company of Minneapolis. Liquid Carbonic Co. manufactured soda fountains that were touted as superior to all others because of their heavy, high-quality construction with zinc as well as the ceramic containers for dispensing syrups.

The hardwood countertop and tiles were purchased from a vendor in Long Beach, California, which was a favorite vacation spot for the Eagle family. Sam Eagle had originally planned to construct the soda fountain in the shape of a "U", but until more money became available, Eagle's Store began with half of the "U" shape. Since the bulk of Eagle's Store business focused on clothing and souvenirs, the soda fountain expansion was never completed. However, with more than 20 stools available for customers today, there's always more than enough room for a chocolate sundae at Eagle's Store.

As you're sitting at the soda fountain counter eating your chocolate sundae, you'll notice an ornate back bar made of mahogany wood with a gray marble slab countertop. An original Coca-Cola back bar mirror still reflects the beauty and grandeur of this work of art, as well as the customers who sit and enjoy a simpler time during their visit. During the early years, glass cabinets were used to store banana split and sundae dishes, as well as Coca-Cola glasses to match the back bar mirror. Separate compartments in the back bar were also used for storing blocks of ice and refrigerating ice cream and syrups. Even the cash register is original to the soda fountain!